Thursday, January 27, 2011

They Called Us the Santa Ladies, Part 2

Well it took me some time but I finally tracked down some photos of earlier santas including one of the soccer santa that started the journey.  I'm sad that neither one of us kept a single one of the soccer santas.
Soccer Santa
We should have, I wish we could have kept at least one of all of them but instead we sold them and tried to take a photo of each one of them.  Sadly that didn't happen either or it wouldn't have taken me so long to track down Soccer Santa.  As it was I had to crop 3 other santa ornaments from this photo.  
3 other Santas in original photo.
As you can see this is the backside of 3 santa ornaments.  I have NO idea why we wanted that but I'm thankful we did and that Soccer Santa snuck into the photo uninvited.  Another happy mistake, we did seem to rely a lot on those happy mistakes.  So to continue the story of the beginnings of all this.  After working on so many different santas in additon to the soccer santa, we started looking around for a store or place to sell our santas in addition to the soccer games.  We also thought we needed a card to attach to the santas, one that told a bit about who we were and how we designed our santas.  We had No idea what was in store for us because of those cards.  
This is our current card since I haven't scanned the old one into the computer yet.
This is pretty much the same text only the photo has improved to one of "our" Santas.
Something we never would have had the courage to do way back in the beginning of this adventure.  
2 of our really early santas.   These were from a tutorial we followed.
Of course we quickly discovered we could make much more detailed Santas.
I think we sold these at a little antique's store in Bath the first time we really took our santas out of a box.
We were very surprised, shocked and excited that evening, but I've gotten ahead of myself with the story.  

Saturday, January 22, 2011

They called us the Santa Ladies

Way back at the start of this journey, my friend and I were just trying to find a craft project for another friend's Christmas craft show.  I had always painted and worked on different craft projects but my friend and partner was looking for something she could do as well.  Whenever I suggested painting she refused, couldn't do it.  So I was surprised when she agreed to help me sculpt Santas out of Celluclay a commercial  papier mache product.

We took orders on one of our first Santas at our daughters soccer games.  As I recall the santas were on light bulbs and each of the bags had a soccer ball prominently featured.  I think all told we made more than 20 of those little santas.  During the beginning of all this my partner had refused to do the painting so I had agreed to paint all the santas she sculpted.  But when I told her one day that the santas really came to life when you were painting them, specifically painting the eyes, she reluctantly agreed to give it a try.  She was so good at sculpting right from the beginning and she became an excellent painter as well.

Sometimes you just don't know what you can do until you try.