Friday, February 4, 2011

A Name? A Name!

A name, a name or is that a brand?  Back in the day when we started it was a name so that's what I will call it.  So along with those little card tags, we needed a name, something to call our creations. But it wasn't easy picking out a descriptive name for our adorable, cute, amazing sculpted papier mache santas or our other projects.  Marge however thought up the perfect name when she put together our names Love and Haskins and came up with LoveKins.  Sheer brilliance on her part.  I was still working on This or That.  Once we had the LoveKins name decided upon we needed to put together our cards.

Back in the beginning we never thought to use one of our own photos for the card.  Nor did we have the software or the know how to make our own.  I mean this was almost before computers.  Yes we are old enough to remember word processors.  Although we had computers at the time, we just didn't have the confidence in what we could do.  So we packed up our script and a santa photo we liked and drove over to Kinkos in Akron to have our cards printed.

New card back, however the script is almost the same as what we had on our first card.

A few of our first ornaments.  In the beginning we couldn't make enough of these little guys.  
We liked using a certain kind of glass ornament because of the gold top.  I know, we tended to get side tracked just a bit.  I rememeber we went shopping after Christmas one year looking for those specific glass ornaments to use for our sculpted santa faces.  The glass ornaments were quite expensive even back then but we found lots of them at a Lighthouse Pool Store.  They were half price at the time around 2.50 for a box of 6, we were excited about that, what a deal.  I think our salesman asked why were buying them and we started talking to him about the ornaments.  In the end I think we purchased a hundred boxes of those ornaments for a dollar a box.  I know we still to this day have some of those ornaments and are still using them as a base for our faces. 

This is an ornament I made in 2010 and yes it has that gold top.  

Look for this ornament our Etsy Store. 

That's all for today's blog, the grands are awake and it's time for breakfast.  


Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Wide Body Snowmen

I am so happy to announce a new snowman for our line of snowfolks.  He's a new wide body design.  I love him and I'm not sure when we'll put him up for sale if at all.  First we need to design a whole group of friends for him.

Here's a close up of the jolly guy.  He's probably happy here in NE Ohio today since the rain has stopped and the snowing has started all over again.  He's about 9" tall and 4 1/4" wide so hence the wide body name.  
Here's a full length shot of the happy gent.  

He'll probably also sport a cardinal somewhere on his hat but I don't have any right now to use so he's just sporting his long muffler and a few sparkles.  

Next up I hope to get back to the story of our beginnings and how we came up with a name for our creations.  
Until then stay warm and dry....