Thursday, August 22, 2013

Papier Mache Santas

This little guy was one of my favorite santas.  I have misplaced him or sold him, not sure which but anyway he's gone.  I could try to make another but it's not easy to do even with practice.  Since we work without's kinda like what you see is what you sometimes get.

Saturday, August 10, 2013

Fall and Halloween Decorating!

Fall and Halloween decorating has  become as popular as Christmas, so here are a few more of our creations for that season.  I start my fall decorating process  the first of September and my scarecrow is my first welcome addition, this fella has been very popular and is not limited to Halloween.  He can be made in a variety of sizes from 12-18 inches.  Doesn't he just look happy!!  Above him you see our little ghost disguised as a pumpkin, he always brings nice comments and smiles.

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Spooky LoveKins

Just in time for Halloween or maybe a tad early but....we just have to share anyway!

Almost time for Marge's favorite time of year!

Sneak peek at a new santa we're still tweaking.  More later I'm sure.

Monday, August 5, 2013

In a few days Faye & Marge will begin experimenting with some new products and begin the creation process again.  Papier Mache is in our blood now after nearly twenty years and although we have taken a few hiatus' we will never give it up.  So please stay in touch to see what we come up with.  If you have any request's we accept special orders and can create a special gift for your favorite friends' profession, hobby, or interests.  Let us know what you want.  In this image you see a wine lovers delight.
Just came back from great trip to the East and visited a great gift shop where our snowmen and papier mache creations can be found; the Red Lion Inn, in Stockbridge Mass.  They are in the process of putting out their winter items right now.  If you are in the area stop in to see this beautiful and historic Inn for a great dinner, drink on the veranda and an overnight stay.

Sunday, August 4, 2013

The Start of It All

I started working again at my santas, should have started earlier but...there's always a reason to postpone the start, but anyway I found one of my original old santas from way back in 1992.  That along with an older Uncle Sam were both in a box with some santas I have left over from last year 2012 vintage.

The santas have changed considerably.  

Worked a bit today finishing 6 snowmen that I have had started for several months now.  Have to finish them so I can start sculpting again.  

Now to finish the last 3 or 4.  

Oh and in the middle of all that, I found an ornament that Marge did last year and gave me for my tree so I thought I would share that as well.  The santa face is awesome.  I love how it's finished off with a dusting of glitter.  

August 2013

This has been quite an experiment with this blog for us and it continues even now.  I noticed that the main page of the blog was becoming very long, long long and I worried that it would take so long for folks to load that they would give up before all the photos of our LoveKins showed up.  I hope this pages thing solves that and keeps things a bit neater and tidier for all.

I found some great photos on my google account and hopefully I can post a few of them here as well.

First up is Sparkle
Sparkle is a 2012 Snowman and was sold in December of 2012

Next up is WideBody Snowman the first of his kind. 

Widebody was designed and sold in 2010.  Since the first widebody I have sculpted several more but this one will always be my favorite I think.  Maybe it's the head tilt.

These next 2 widebodies were designed in 2011 and sold in 2011.  In 2012 I did a couple of widebodies but most of the snowmen were taller and thinner than these guys.   All of these were sold in 2012.  

Do we sell all our snowmen every year?  Noooo sometimes they hang around for a year or two or end up at a relatives as a present.  And, some like this guy end up back home with momma and they make me so happy.  

In the beginning Marge and I tried to take photos of each and every santa or snowman we made, but as we continued in this craft we either failed to take a photo or lost the photo in an unexpected computer crash. 

For whatever reason we failed to continue the photo thing and after time *I* we forget designs.  So I was delighted to rehome this next snowman.  I think I have to designs a few more like this.  

I still have a few my workshop that I am finishing up, they will be available in 2013 including "Dare 2 be Different."