Sunday, August 4, 2013

The Start of It All

I started working again at my santas, should have started earlier but...there's always a reason to postpone the start, but anyway I found one of my original old santas from way back in 1992.  That along with an older Uncle Sam were both in a box with some santas I have left over from last year 2012 vintage.

The santas have changed considerably.  

Worked a bit today finishing 6 snowmen that I have had started for several months now.  Have to finish them so I can start sculpting again.  

Now to finish the last 3 or 4.  

Oh and in the middle of all that, I found an ornament that Marge did last year and gave me for my tree so I thought I would share that as well.  The santa face is awesome.  I love how it's finished off with a dusting of glitter.  

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