Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Today's LoveKins

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Santa Ornament

I took some photos of one of last year's Santa ornaments that ended up at my daughter's house.  These ornaments were some of our most popular designs.  I know both Marge and myself wanted Christmas trees with these...I have some photos of a tree with our ornaments on the tree.  In fact the page background is one of the photos but neither one of us has enough to fill a tree.  Anyway here are more photos from my new cell phone.  I know I made these ornaments on a trip to Texas one year and Marge worked on them as well during trips to NY.  Who knew you could sculpt while riding in a car cross country???  

This santas hat is painted a winter blue.  Love the color!  

Sunday, July 7, 2013

More Snowmen and Some Early Santas

Woohoo!  Got an email from Marge with some of her snowmen attached.  Also I took a few new photos of my new found snowman this afternoon in my messy workroom.  I HAVE got to clean it up!!!

This little guy is sad.  

This little guy is enjoying some wine.  Love it!

Here is one of Marge's scarecrows.  

This is my newly found snowman...he's on the worktable with multiple paint jars, glue, brushes and unfinished snowmen.  
It really is a mess down there.  I have lots to do...

....and I need to finish this guy.  Yes indeed it's a square snowman.
He will have a little sign that says Dare to be Different.  

Some of our Santas!  I think my brother has the one with the goose or duck.

Friday, July 5, 2013

Look What I Found

Oh my gosh, look what I found hiding in my mother's closet.  She told me to take him home so after leaving him there for a couple of weeks, I brought him home so I could make another.  Haven't done that yet but I wanted to share him here anyway.  This is what happens when you don't take photos of everything you make!  And, I mean everything!!!! 
I had totally forgotten this guy.  I'm so glad I gave him to my mother because he ended up back with me and now I will probably make a couple more of this design because I do love the smile on this one a lot!  These photos were taken with my cell phone so they're not the best but I still had to post them. 
I also had some time this morning.  The grands are sleeping I am tiptoeing around and had time to read the beginning of this blog and realized that I never quite got around to finishing the story of how Marge and I got started.  That's the one thing about blogs, you are always reading from the end.  LOL  So I really should tell the rest of the story but not this time.  I will leave that for tomorrow. 

Thursday, July 4, 2013

Happy 4th of July USA!

Happy 4th of July!  

I ran across some photos of our older santas that really were the beginning of our Santas and Snowmen.  Way way back this is how our santas looked.
Most of these santas were sold at a gallery in Penisula Ohio called Among Friends.  We were so thrilled when Chris and CJ called us artists.  

These are old woodland santas and a couple of our very first snowmen who were sculpted on burned out light bulbs that our families collected and saved for us to use.  I think they're kinda cute and wish I still had a couple of the old snowmen.  Our new snowman are mostly made using recycled plastic bottles now so we still recycle to make our snowmen. 

Our gardening santas were extremely popular, these were ready for an order for the Wizard of Odds in Saddle River, NJ

As our work progressed our santas got more elaborate as well as taller.  

We made and sold almost all the santas.  I wish we had saved a brother has a collection.  I have a couple and Marge has some as well.  I am glad we took so many photos of our work though to remind us just what all we have accomplished.  

These are bad mood bunnies.  Later we sculpted some classical looking rabbits.

Some of our first cats.  

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Snowmen for 2013

Thought I would just add some of the new snowman from this past Christmas.  Santa's were sold locally and through craft shows.  If anyone is interested you can contact me with an email.  Thanks

These snowmen pictured above are all new "members of the choir"
I have more new snowmen and santas planned for 2014.

We also design fall scarecrows, witches, and pumpkin snowmen.