Monday, September 2, 2013

Happy Labor Day

Happy Labor Day and Happy Birthday to my youngest daughter Melinda!  I've been working on some new santas and thought I should maybe share them here along with a few of my old favorites.

Marge and I are debating doing a show in November so we need to start stockpiling santas and snowmen.

New santas waiting for paint!

 Same santas mostly finished.  I still have to sign them and glitter the back sides with mica glitter.

We're thinking about putting some snowmen into mason jars and selling them like that.

Not sure if it will work or if they will sell.

Trying a few small snowmen in the jars.  

Still thinking about this.  It seems like mason jars are big sellers this year.  

When I started taking snowmen and santa photos this afternoon, I asked my grandson where his snowman was and this is the one he brought for me.  Ahh that's the one I gave him, I wanted to show off the ones the boys made so after a bit of searching we found both their snowmen.  However my grandson insisted I had to take a photo of this one as well.  

These are the snowmen the boys created.  I am so impressed with both of them and how great they ended up.  My workroom took a bit to clean up but the guys had so much fun going through all my boxes of snowmen stuff and finishing these guys off.  

Dare to be Different is still on the workroom table.  Hopefully he will be finished soon!

Just because this is one of my favs.  I love his little blue hat with the cardinal and the bird house and bells.  He's just cute so he's getting his photo posted.  

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